FreddyLink 'Clean Water for Haiti' Fundraiser

Join us as we partner with World Vision Canada to support a community in Haiti. We hope to raise $25,000 to help provide safe and accessible water and lasting change in this community.

In March of 2016, Bernie Zebarth along with the FreddyLink team visited their World Vision partner communities of UDICC and Cobocol.  In UDICC, over half of the families drink unsafe water, and few have latrines. Bernie is part of the Freddylink movement, a group of concerned and caring citizens in Fredericton that are committed to the development of communities in Haiti with World Vision Canada.

"The World Vision community manager brought us to the handwashing station at a local school", said Zebarth, "and the children were all there to greet us, even though it was their day off!  With gratitude and pride they showed us what they learned about good hygiene practice.  I really understood the secret to their success - that community improvement began and ended with these children - who joyfully shared their knowledge with their parents and friends."

A particular point of importance in Haiti is the rapid increase of cholera cases since the 2010 earthquake.  Cholera, virtually unknown in the developed world, is a severe form of diarrhea from poor hygiene practices and lack of basic sanitation.  Without treatment, the dehydration can lead to shock and death in a matter of hours.  Availability of clean water sources, like handwashing stations mentions, along with education, significantly suppress the rate of infection.

Please help us rid Haiti of childhood disease due to dirty or inaccessible water sources.  Your donation will make it possible to do things like:

1. Raise awareness on water and sanitation practices, personal hygiene through student clubs.

2. Construct accessible water sources like handwashing stations or latrines in schools and community sites to combat disease.

3. Train community members on how to keep water sources running for long term sustainability.


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Event Goal
$25,000.00 CAD
$23,831.98 CAD