Help Stock a Clinic with Vital Medicines 

In poor countries, clinic shelves are often empty. Fill them with life-saving supplies like antibiotics, antimalarials, de-worming drugs, bed nets and more. Thanks to donations from partner companies, your gift multiplies 9 times in value to purchase, ship and distribute the needed supplies. 

Create your own fundraising page and collect donations to help fill clinic shelves in developing countries with life saving medicines like anti-malarials, de-worming drugs, vitamins, aspirins,syringes, bed nets and more!

Reach out to all your friends and family and start fundraising today!



Top Fundraisers
1 - Family Fanjoy
$500.00 CAD
$345.00 CAD
3 - Don Janzen
$200.00 CAD
4 - Patricia MacDonald
$150.00 CAD
5 - Andrea Janzen
$100.00 CAD
Top Teams
1 - Fanjoys & Friends
$500.00 CAD
2 - A Timeless Celebration
$400.00 CAD
3 - Janzen Family Christmas
$350.00 CAD
4 - Kyle's birthday contribution
$350.00 CAD
5 - Iota Beta Chi
$280.00 CAD