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So it appears that 1965-2015 is FIFTY YEARS. Half a century! In September, I'll be blessed by having lived fifty healthy, happy years on this planet. This is so awesome, and so amazing, that I want to do something to share just a tiny bit of that blessing with those who haven't had the same opportunities I've had. I'm raising money to help World Vision Canada educate girls around the world. As an educator, a former girl, and the mother of a girl, I believe education -- especially education for women in countries where that's not encouraged -- is a key to changing society and ending poverty. Please donate to the project to help others! $2500 is an intentionally lofty goal but I plan to work towards it in various ways during my birthday year ... every little bit counts!


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Our Goal
$2,500.00 CAD
$590.00 CAD

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Trudy Morgan-Cole
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